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Hipater Mould - Full service supplier Who are we?

Qingdao Hiparter Trade Co., Ltd. is an excellent manufacturer and exporter of dies & moulds, include stamping dies,  progressive dies, transfer dis, deep drawn dies, plastic injection mould. Meanwhile, we supply  service for  batch production of  sheet metal parts  and plastic  injectioned parts.

Hiparter was established by a team of experienced experts in manufacturing, quality management and international trading . We have our own factory in Qingdao, where  there are  more than 150  employees,  specialize in stamping dies, plastic injection moulds. All the stamping dies and injection moulds, also pressing process and plastic injection molding are in-house.

Equiped with excellent dies & moulds engineers, associated with a large database of premier suppliers of plastic mould, stamping die, Hiparter is becoming the strongest dies & moulds  manufacture and  trade team in the north of China.

Hiparter attaches importance to every customer, and provides high quality products and service in accordance with customer's specialty.

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Plastic-MouldSTAMPING DIES we can make are stage stamping dies, progressive dies, transfer dies,and so on. Rich experiences guarantee reasonble die structure and higher utilization of material.
What we built are related to home appliance, automotive, AO, electronics, etc. All the moulds are machined in house with our own addvanced equipments and perfect machines.
Our own trade company to import&export goods. Hiparter Trade is approved by the State Ministry of Commerce, China customs registration. Full service in exporting dies&moulds without delay.
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